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  Item No. 10.       
Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/14/2017  
COMMITTEE:    Infrastructure  
CONTACT:    Louis Najar CHAIR:    Jeanine Corn-Best

Consider award and proceed with Construction of the Recreation & Aquatics Center to CES utilizing Waide Construction, a cooperative procurement process.
The Recreation & Aquatic Center has been in design for the last year and now is the time to move forward with construction.  The center will be utilized to replace the functions of the YUCCA Center and also serve the aquatics need of the city due to the closure of the Cahoon Pool.

It is recommended that Phase 1 Construction of the Recreation Center proceed utilizing CES, a cooperative procurement process. Aquatic portion to proceed utilizing a Change Order upon receipt of the finalized design.  The contract is recommended to be awarded to CES utilizing Waide Construction.  The quality and success of this team has been proven with several projects throughout the city.

As of date of preparation of this abstract, contractor had not submitted finalized proposal for review.  It is expected to be received on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 and Councilors will be provided with information on September 13, 2017.
This will be funded through the issuance of a $20M GRT Improvement Bond.  This funding stream was approved through Ordinance 17-17 at the 7/13/17 City Council meeting.
Not applicable.
Infrastructure Committee to be held September 14th, 2017 recommending award for construction of the Recreation Center to CES utilizing Waide Construction, to regular City Council meeting of September 14, 2017.
Consider approval to award the construction of the Recreation Center to CES utilizing Waide Construction, then proceed with the aquatics portions utilizing a Change Order upon design completion. 

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