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  Item No. 27.       
Meeting Date: 05/13/2021  
COMMITTEE: Public Safety  
CONTACT: Mike Mathews CHAIR: Jeanine Corn-Best

Taser 7 Purchase - Consider approval to purchase 30 X7 Tasers to replace a portion of the X26 Tasers. (Best/Stanton/Bradley)
Initiated by: Deputy Chief Michael Stanton/ Lieutenant Chris Bradley

Tasers are popular with police departments because they can prevent shootings while also protecting officers. Unlike a baton, a Taser can be used at a safe distance, and unlike pepper spray, there1s no blowback which reduces risk of Officers being incapacitated or contaminated with the spray. Last year taser deployments accounted for a quarter of our use of force incidents (28 out of 117). We are currently outfitted with the X26, which has become extremely outdated and no longer manufactured or supported. At this time, Taser does not make replacement parts or batteries for the X26. We have also lost the ability to download and track usage. We currently own 60 of the X26 Tasers that we began carrying in 2003. Our number of useable tasers has begun to dwindle as battery's begin to deteriorate and maintenance is required.

Utilizing monies from the Law Enforcement Protection Fund we would like to purchase 30 new X7 Tasers to replace half of the total Tasers owned by the department. The X7 is the current flagship model of Taser which came out in 2018. Since this is the device most agencies throughout the country have transitioned to, it is anticipated that this technology will be supported by Taser for at least another 15 years. This will move us into the most updated equipment of this type currently available on the market, giving us the most thorough analytics for tracking usage and provide us with reliable equipment. This new model also provides a greater deployment range and accuracy with the improved technology which means officers will not have to be as close to violent individuals before attempting to take them into custody.

The proposed purchase includes the 30 Tasers, analytics software, targets, extra batteries, charging stations, online training updates, and enough cartridges to recertify all of our patrol division with the new equipment, as well as deploy the equipment to the field. This purchase also includes an additional 4-year full coverage warranty on top of the standard 1-year warranty provided with the purchase of the new equipment.
A purchase of 30 of the Taser 7 units will cost the department $70,864. It is our intent to utilize money already awarded from the Law Enforcement Protection Fund. This purchase will be made using the intergovernmental cooperative purchasing agreement for National Purchasing Partners (NPPGov) and the pricing from the RFP Awarded by the League of Oregon Cities.
The City Attorney has reviewed the agreement.
The Public Safety Committee recommended (4-0) approval at their meeting on April 13, 2021.
 Consider approval to purchase 30 X7 Tasers to replace a portion of the X26 Tasers.
ATT 1 - MPA-2010 Between LOC and Axon
ATT 2 - RFP 2010 Law Enforcement Equipment


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