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  Item No. 16.       
Meeting Date: 05/13/2021  
COMMITTEE: Public Safety  
CONTACT: Mike Mathews CHAIR: Jeanine Corn-Best

Resolution 21-24 - Consider approval of Resolution 21-24 to re-create the Roswell Police Regional satellite academy. (Best/Smith)
Initiated by: Chief Phil Smith
The New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA) Board determines the maximum number of satellite academies which may be certified at any given time. In making its determination, the New Mexico law enforcement academy board weighs the impact on other academies, law enforcement academy training staff and budget. An academy must undergo an accreditation process to ensure that the facilities, instructors, program management, and curriculum meet or exceed the standards and expectations established by the board and the director. This proposal will be shared with the law enforcement community regarding the City of Roswell's interest in re-creating a regional satellite academy. The City of Roswell possesses all the requirements found New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) regarding the establishment of a new regional/satellite academy, and with the Roswell Police obtainment of CALEA accreditation there will be little doubt of ongoing recertification of the Roswell regional academy. There is also little doubt the partnership with the Eastern New Mexico University Roswell makes this proposal a very strong opportunity to create opportunities here in the City of Roswell.
The Fiscal Impact Statement below identifies the first year startup costs for the regional academy, the costs associated with the first year basic academy classes and the ongoing costs associated with subsequent academy classes over years two through five. The budget is presented in an itemized program, or performance format, but must be annualized for either a fiscal or calendar year based upon the entity's budget cycle.
The true fiscal impact will be built into the Roswell Police and City of Roswell annual budgets. The start-up costs are accounted for and the costs will not vary due to the amount of in-house instructors and the availability of facilities.  Finally, this academy will not rely on outside tuition as a consistent revenue source as the City of Roswell will be the largest attendee.  Because this proposal will be part of the Roswell Police Department and City of Roswell, the costs are already incorporated via existing budget protocol and policy/procedure and operations standards are all in place and are all approved by the governing authority.
However, the proposed regional academy can be implemented under existing orga11ization's authority. The City of Roswell and the Roswell Police Department organizational policies, rules, administrative and governing board approves this endeavor. No local government policies, statute, ordinances, rules or procedures must be changed to fund, operate, and maintain a regional academy. These changes can be made without voter approval, but will need the approval of the governing body, the approval of elected and appoi11ted officials, and the approval of the City Manager, Deputy City Manager, and the Chief of Police.
The Public Safety Committee recommended (4-0) approval at their meeting on April 13, 2021.
Consider approval of Resolution 21-24 to re-create the Roswell Police Regional satellite academy.
Resolution 21-24


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