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  Item No. 6.       
Meeting Date: 02/13/2020  
COMMITTEE: General Service  
CONTACT: Juan Fuentes CHAIR: Savino Sanchez

Consider approval of the use of General Obligation Funds for the use of purchasing a Mobile Library Service Vehicle (Bookmobile) (Sanchez/Fuentes)
Initiated by: Enid Costley
The traditional Library Service in Roswell is for people to come into the building for materials, references, programs and use of the computers.  A mobile library service model allows for the Roswell Public Library to go beyond the walls of the Library.  This includes collaborating with food sites, parks, city events as well as outreach to nursing homes, detention centers, daycare centers and schools. 
The bookmobile model we are using is a customized cargo van with a lift gate in the back for loading and unloading book carts, which will be set up at the site.  A side awning will allow for shade and allow for setup of a table for an event.  The public would not go into the vehicle.
The 4.5.2 NMAC does allow for recognition of a bookmobile, so long as it meets the following requirements:
“Bookmobile” means a mobile branch that offers basic library services with the exception of computers and internet connectivity.  
“Basic library services” means free services provided in a library’s legal service area, including library collections with circulating materials, reference services, a catalog of library holdings accessible by the public; educational programs, interlibrary loan services; public access computers connected to the internet; and internet connectivity for patrons and staff.  Basic library service may include any technology or service that relates to the access to information for patron use.
“Branch” means an auxiliary service administered by a public or developing library that provides the following public services:
1. separate quarters from the main library;
2. a permanent library collection and reference services;
3. offers basic library services;
4. staff present during open hours; and
5. at least 20 hours of public access to physical quarters per week on an annual basis.
An eligible bookmobile would receive one half (.50) of a share of state grants-in-aid.
The Institute for Museum and Library Services allows for the recognition of a bookmobile so long as it meets the following requirement:  A bookmobile is a traveling branch library.  It consists of at least all of the following:
1. A truck or van that carries an organized collection of library materials;
2. Paid staff and 
3. Regularly scheduled hours (bookmobile stopes) for being open to the public. 
The estimated cost for a mobile library service vehicle is $75,000-$80,000 which would be paid for with General Obligation Bonds.  This is based on a quote from a state vendor and estimated price for a portable generator is $2,000, and new book carts are $3,000 or estimated $350 each.
Annual costs would need to be added to the Library budget.  These include insurance, maintenance, fuel and a cell phone for the Outreach Librarian.  
We are clarifying with the New Mexico State Library if the mobile library service vehicle might be considered a branch.  According to New Mexico State Library an eligible bookmobile would receive one half (.50) of a share of the state grants-in-aid.  These funds then might be used to maintain and supplement the mobile Library service collection and basic library service.  
According to E-rate Central if a bookmobile is considered a branch library then it could qualify for e-rate funds.  Ideally, we would us the e-rate funds for deep discounts in internet service and equipment to make the mobile library service vehicle capable of providing internet service at its stops.  
It should be noted that the design of the mobile library service vehicle is such that in the event of a disaster it may be emptied of carts and used for other purposes.
The City Attorney has reviewed the program for sufficiency.
The General Services Committee voted 4-0 to recommend approval at its meeting on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.
Consider approval of the use of General Obligation Funds for the use of purchasing a Mobile Library Service Vehicle (Bookmobile).


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