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September 18, 2017 AT 6:30 P.M.





All motions will be made in the affirmative. The fact that a commissioner makes or offers a second to a motion does not mean that the commissioner must vote in favor of passage.
1.   Consider approval of Consent Agenda:
a.   Minutes for August 21, 2017 regular meeting.
b.   Acknowledge the following reports and minutes:
  • License Payment Report for August 2017
  • Project Payment Report for August 2017
  • Shawnee Civic and Cultural Development Authority Minutes from May 18, 2017 and June 15, 2017 meetings
  • Traffic Commission Minutes from June 27, 2017 meeting
  • Planning Commission Minutes from August 2, 2017 meeting
c.   Authorize the Parks Department to purchase a one-half ton 4x4 pickup at the state bid price of $25,827.00 from Hudiburg Chevrolet Fleet Services for use at the Shawnee Twin Lakes.
d.   Approve a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Oklahoma City to renew an Inter-Governmental Agreement for Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection and Management Project regarding hazardous waste disposal.
e.   Budget Amendment – Street Fund
To amend budget for the AARP Grant traffic circle, no matching funds
f.   Budget Amendment – Fund 104
To adjust Fund 104 for Expo renovations that did not finish by June 30, 2017
g.   Budget Amendment – Capital Fund
To amend budget for loan proceeds for the fire trucks and Station No. 2
h.   Authorize Staff to approve Service Agreement with Motorola Solutions for update and maintenance on Repeater Tower Site Equipment and Dispatch Consoles.
i.   Accept public improvements, i.e. sanitary sewer, water line, and paving for the Shawnee Park Addition, placing maintenance bonds into effect.
j.   Lake Lease Renewals/Transfers:
Lot 4 Skipper Tract, 16612 Archery Range Road
From:  Sally Cole and Paula Hardeman
To:  Randy E. Wolfe
Lot 8 Belcher Tract, 15509 Nickens Road
From:  Latta Family Trust
To:  Robert and Traci Murphy
k.   Mayor’s Appointments
Shawnee Beautification Committee
Debi Renegar                 1st Full Term                   Expires 1/1/2021
Appointment to New Committee
l.   Traffic Commission Recommendations
  1. Approval of June 27, 2017 Minutes.
    STAFF RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends approval of request.
    BOARD RECOMMENDATION: Board recommends approval of request.
  2. Consideration of request by Staff, to add flexible delineator devices along the centerline of Highland west of Harrison.
    STAFF RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends approval of request.
    BOARD RECOMMENDATION: Board recommends denial of request.
Citizens Participation
(A three minute limit per person)
(A twelve minute limit per topic)
3.   Commission Appointment of a Vice Mayor (per Article III, Section 6 of City Charter).
4.   Presentation by City Manager to Employee of the Month, Jarrod Jackson, Street Department.
5.   Presentation and acknowledgment of award of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Community Challenge grant, funding the installation of a mini-traffic circle at the intersection of Burns Street and Chapman Avenue.
6.   Public hearing and consideration of an ordinance to rezone with a conditional use permit for property located 16712 Magnino Road to allow for a bed and breakfast.  Case No. P10-17.  Applicant: Lora Davis
7.   Discussion, consideration and possible action to approve an agreement with Excel Auction to auction surplus City property.
8.   Consider approval of Change Order No. 1 for Fire Station No. 2 Rehab Project.(Attachment(s) to be provided at time of meeting.)
9.   Acknowledge Sales Tax Report received September 2017.
10.   City Manager Report
11.   Administrative Reports
a.   Parks and Recreation – James Bryce, Director of Operations
New Business
(Any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the posting of the agenda)
13.   Commissioners Comments
14.   Adjournment

Respectfully submitted 

Phyllis Loftis, CMC, City Clerk
The City of Shawnee encourages participation from its citizens in public meetings.  If participation is not possible due to a disability, notify the City Clerk, in writing, at least forty-eight hours prior to the scheduled meeting and necessary accommodations will be made. (ADA 28 CFR/36)

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