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Shawnee Municipal Authority
Meeting Date: 06/06/2016  
OWRB Loan Refinance
Submitted By: Lisa Lasyone, City Clerk
Department: City Clerk  

Title of Item for Agenda
Consider and take action with respect to a resolution authorizing the Shawnee Municipal Authority (the “Authority”) to issue its Utility System Revenue Note, Series 2016 (the “Note”) in the aggregate principal amount of $5,410,000.00; waiving competitive bidding and authorizing the note to be sold on a negotiated basis; approving and authorizing execution of an indenture authorizing the issuance and securing the payment of the Note; providing that the organizational document creating the Authority is subject to the provisions of the indenture; ratifying and confirming a lease agreement and operation and maintenance contract, as amended, pertaining to the water and sanitary sewer systems; approving and authorizing the execution of a parity agreement; establishing the Authority’s reasonable expectation with respect to the issuance of tax-exempt obligations by the Authority in calendar year 2016, and designating the Note as a qualified tax-exempt obligation; authorizing and directing the execution of the Note and other documents relating to the transaction, including professional services agreements; and containing other provisions relating thereto.

Fiscal Impact
OWRB Loan Resolution

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