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Regular Board of Commissioners
Meeting Date: 11/16/2015  
Lake Lease Renewal
Submitted By: Kacie Bachhofer, City Clerk
Department: City Clerk  

Title of Item for Agenda
Lake Lease Renewals:

• Lot 5 Hart Tract, 16205 Hart Rd.
Lessees: Daren and Valerie Boyne

• Lot 12 Eckel Tract, 15105 Eckel Rd.
Lessee: Peggy Downey

• Lot 13 Eckel Tract, 15101 Eckel Rd.
Lessees: George and Carrie Heckert

• Lot 6 Eckel Tract, 15305 Eckel Rd.
Lessees: Patrick and Judith Henderson

• Lot 5 Eckel Tract, 15309 Eckel Rd.
Lessee: Bruce Outland

• Lot 9 Eckel Tract, 15201 Eckel Rd.
Lessees: Michael Violett and Kristin Pfenninger

• Lot 10 Hart Tract, 16309 Hart Rd.
Lessees: Steve and Sheila Walker

Lake Renewal Boyne
Lake Renewal Downey
Lake Renewal Heckert
Lake Renewal Henderson
Lake Renewal Outland
Lake Renewal Violett
Lake Renewal Walker

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