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Regular Board of Commissioners
Meeting Date: 10/19/2015  
Lakes Renewals
Submitted By: Lisa Lasyone, City Clerk
Department: City Clerk  

Title of Item for Agenda
Lake Lease Renewals/Transfers:

• Lot 1 Roewe Tract, 15511 Perry Rd.
   Lessees: Raymond and Jennifer Burrell
• Lot 3 Johnston Tract, 16808 Magnino Rd.
   Lessee: Lonnie Cox
• Lot 5 Coffman Tract, 15309 Perry Rd.
   Lessee: William Holloway
• Lot 1 Magnino A Tract, 17300 Magnino Rd.
   Lessees: Elmer and Brenda Lucas
• Lot 1 Coffman Tract, 15407 Perry Rd.
   Lessees: Stanley and Jacqueline Mills
• Lot 3 Coffman Tract, 15403 Perry Rd.
   Lessees: Charles and Marilyn Moore
• Lot 10 Magnino A Tract, 17236 Magnino Rd.
   Lessee: Alene Topping
• Lot 4 Magnino A Tract, 17100 Magnino Rd.
   Lessee: Mark White

Lake Renewal Burrell
Lake Renewal Cox
Lake Renewal Holloway
Lake Renewal Lucas
Lake Renewal Mills
Lake Renewal Moore
Lake Renewal Topping
Lake Renewal White

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