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Meeting Date: 09/13/2021  
From: Tina Rau

Schedule a discussion regarding the Feast of Lanterns Celebration and Pageant for a future Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force meeting.
This is an agenda item recommending the scheduling of a future discussion, and no action other than the convening of a future agenda item is recommended for this meeting.  This is being brought forth now in order to allow the public adequate notice of the proposed discussion.

Since the Feast of Lanterns was revived in 1958, it has been celebrated with a pageant and play at Lover’s Point.  The events have been the cause of recent controversy as the play is without historical authenticity and is not based on actual people or events.  

Up for discussion on this agenda is whether the DEI Task Force should, as a future agenda item, review the Feast of Lanterns events, discuss any impacts and inaccuracies, receive input from the community, and provide a recommendation as to whether the City of Pacific Grove should support an update of the festival.  Possible future discussion items include updating the events to demonstrate Pacific Grove’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.    


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