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Meeting Date: 09/15/2021  
From: Ben Harvey

Authorize the Mayor to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding between the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA) and The City of Pacific Grove for purposes of authorizing work related to CJPIA’s Americans with Disabilities Act Assistance Program.
Like many municipalities within the State of California, the City of Pacific Grove has aging infrastructure and facilities that were designed and constructed decades ago.  Despite the City's concerted efforts each year to dedicate resources towards the Capital Improvement Program, and in spite of upgrades routinely made through the City's Sidewalk policy 700-4, much remains to be done to bring the City's facilities into greater compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The City has in the past drafted ADA Transition Plans to identify and outline proposed ADA improvements to public infrastructure, such as sidewalks and parking.  However, adequate resources were never dedicated towards the types of upgrades that are truly necessary in a municipality that is over 100 years old.  With the City's migration from the Public Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC; now known as CIRA, the California Intergovernmental Risk Authority) to the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA), an opportunity arose.  One of the member services offered by the CJPIA is an ADA Assistance Program (see attachment), which provides members with technical and financial assistance to better comply with the ADA.  Since joining CJPIA in 2019, City staff has been working with the CJPIA and its contracted ADA subject matter experts, Disability Access Consultants, to explore participation in the program.  

The City has completed Phase I of the CJPIA's ADA Assistance Program, which included a member assessment and overall diagnostic profile.  This informal review allows for a determination of the current level of ADA compliance, and a proposed planned course of action to further ADA compliance. This phase was funded by the CJPIA. From this effort, it was affirmed that the City requires a comprehensive assessment of all City facilities and infrastructure through a detailed inspection and subsequent development of transition/barrier removal plans.

The estimated cost to complete the assessment for all City facilities, parks, and public rights of way is $93,050, and $5,000 to review City policies, procedures, and programs. To assist members with compliance efforts, CJPIA will pay $16,500 towards the assessment, as well as the $5,000 for the policy and program review.  
This would require the City to pay the remaining $76,550. Of this $76,550 amount, $50,000 could be carried over from the Fiscal Year 20-21 budget in a near-term proposed budget amendment, and the remaining $26,550 could be allocated for within the proposed Fiscal Year 22-23 budget.  See the Financial Impact section, below, for details.

It should be noted that this ADA effort is for inspecting, assessing and detailing the effort required to further compliance.  Subsequent capital improvement projects that result would come before the City Council as part of future year capital improvement program recommendations.  It should also be noted that the CJPIA offers a financing program for ADA upgrades, which could help the City in implementing future proposed ADA capital improvement projects.
  1. Take no action.  If no action is taken, the proposed budget amendment to carry forward $50,000 for ADA efforts will not be brought forward for near-term consideration by the City Council (see Financial Impact section, below). 
  2. Provide alternate direction.
The City has allocated $50,000 for a Parks ADA Compliance Assessment and Transition Plan within its approved Fiscal Year 20-21 budget.  This allocation is proposed to be carried forward as part of a near-future proposed budget adjustment. Should this allocation be carried forward, it could be used to cover most of the effort required for the ADA Assistance Program Proposal.  The remaining amount needed to support this comprehensive ADA assessment would be funded through a future $26,550 allotment set aside within the proposed Fiscal Year 22-23 budget, and CJPIA contributions.
GOAL ALIGNMENT: City Asset Stewardship: Repair, maintain and improve City assets, including streets, sidewalks, sewer systems, buildings, and parks and trails.
CJPIA ADA Assistance Program
DAC ADA Assistance Program Proposal
CJPIA-City of PG MOU for ADA Asst Prog


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