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Meeting Date: 09/15/2021  
From: Bill Peake

Hold second reading and adopt an ordinance to amend Pacific Grove Municipal Code section 2.04.050 related to special meetings and closed sessions.
City Council held the first reading on September 1 and approved the attached ordinance to modify the Pacific Grove Municipal Code related to noticing and reporting of special meetings and closed sessions.  As approved on the first reading, the draft ordinance was amended to add emergency meetings which do not require 24-hour noticing.  Also text was amended to match City Charter wording.  The City Clerk caused the summary of ordinance to be published on September 9, 2021.  
Council’s August 4 meeting included agenda item 13B ‘Special Meetings and Closed Sessions’.  The intent of agenda item 13B was to achieve a consistent understanding of special meetings and closed sessions and provide mayor and staff direction on future meetings.   
Key points from that discussion were:
  1. Special meetings should normally be scheduled from 5 pm to 6 pm prior to regular meetings.
  2. Closed session agenda items should continue to be scheduled during special meetings.
  3. Affirmed that special meetings shall be called by mayor or majority of council as per code.
  4. Special meeting noticing shall be at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.
  5. Special meeting agendas for 5 pm to 6 pm should contain only one agenda item.
  6. At a minimum, action minutes shall be provided for closed session agenda items.
  7. Closed session agenda reports should be similar to open session agenda reports.
Several of the key points are current practice but do not appear in our municipal code or council policy.  Amending the municipal code and council policy will fill gaps and embody the above practices in regulations or policy.
An amendment to Council Policy 000-17 addresses key points #1, #2, and #7.  See attached draft resolution.  The amendment includes confidentiality of closed session agenda reports as per the Brown Act.
An amendment to Pacific Grove Municipal Code Chapter 2.04.050 addresses key points #4 and #6.  See attached draft ordinance.  The amendment states what closed session actions are reportable.
  1. Provide alternate direction. 
  2. Take no action.
There is no fiscal impact.
GOAL ALIGNMENT: Transparency, Accountability and Communication: Implement programs, processes, revisions, and training to improve and advance the City's efforts.
Draft Ordinance


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