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Meeting Date: 08/18/2021  
From: Ben Harvey

Receive report of emergency directives/modifications and discuss circumstances needing emergency response.
The City Manager during this Local Emergency is authorized to directly mitigate effects of the Local Emergency to protect life or property.
This report apprises the City Council of emergency directives taken under the continuing local emergency proclaimed by Resolution 20-007.  This report fulfills the City Council’s review obligation under that Resolution and Government Code 8630. This agenda item also enables ratification of select actions taken since the City Council’s last review.

City expenditures for legal services related to COVID-19 issues (specifically to related to COVID 19-COM (Communications); COVID 19-TRN (Training); COVID 19-LAW (Legal Support); and COVID-19 (Other)) are eligible for State and Federal Emergency Service reimbursement, including but not limited to FEMA or other emergency grant funding.
Actions not subject to Ratification.  Since the time of the revised Monterey County Shelter in Place Order issued Friday, April 3, 2020, the City Manager has taken the following new or modified actions pursuant to the Emergency Proclamation:
  • None to report at this time.  
No action is necessary with respect to the above new or modified measures, as each is responsive to requirements of the revised Monterey County Shelter in Place Order falling within the regular management discretion of the City Manager.

Actions subject to Ratification.  Certain mitigation measures that have been enacted by the City Manager in response to the Monterey County Shelter in Place Order issued Friday, May 8, 2020, and in accord with Council’s Local Emergency under Article 19, subparagraph l, of the Pacific Grove City Charter, and Chapter 3.20 of the Pacific Grove Municipal Code (PGMC), are subject to ratification.  Any mitigation measures that qualify are subject to ratification as required by Government Code 8630 and City Council Resolution 20-007, and are listed below:
  1. None to report at this time.      
Discussion of Circumstances Needing Emergency Response. The discussion part of this item allows comment on circumstances which may benefit from further or different emergency responses. Matters identified will be referred to the City Manager for appropriate consideration in accord with the Emergency Management System protocols set by PGMC Chapter 3.20.  These delegate exclusive emergency management response authority to the City Manager.

CEQA Exemption.  Actions taken to prevent or mitigate an emergency are exempt from CEQA pursuant to section 15260 of the CEQA Guidelines.
Actions not subject to ratification are reported for information only.
There is no financial impact in receiving the report.
GOAL ALIGNMENT: Not Applicable.


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