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  Agenda Item 11.a.       
Meeting Date: 08/01/2017  
Item Title:    Z 17-31 Balcones Urban, LLC (District 7)
Submitted By: Isaac Williams

Approval of a Change in Zoning from Agricultural (AG) District to Single-Family-7 (SF-7) District.
Horst Reetz
On July 10, 2017, the Plan Commission by a vote of seven (7) to zero (0) recommended approval of a Change in Zoning from Agricultural (AG) District to Single-Family-7 (SF-7) District.
Staff recommends approval of a Change in Zoning from Agricultural (AG) District to Single-Family-7 (SF-7) District.
The applicant requests approval of a Change in Zoning from Agricultural (AG) District to Single-Family-7 (SF-7) District for the development of a single-family detached dwelling community. The subject site contains approximately 7.05 acres.
The subject site will have primary access from Holford Road. However, the 2015 Garland Thoroughfare Plan reflects an extension of Mapleridge Drive as a two-lane minor collector through the subject site. The expected Mapleridge Drive alignment is intended to form a clean southern boundary between the adjacent Spring Creek Forest Preserve and the proposed residential development. 
The subject property is zoned Agricultural (AG) District. The Agricultural (AG) District is intended for vacant land which is not yet ready for development, land which is used for agricultural or open space purposes, land which due to its topography or location within a floodplain or other undevelopable area is not anticipated to be developed for more intense use, and land which has been newly annexed into the City of Garland.
  1. The request is a traditional rezoning without the formation of a Planned Development (PD) District. These requests do not require Concept Plan or Detail Plan approval to commence or direct development. Development is dependent on the standards set forth by the Garland Development Code (GDC) and the goals and policies established within the Envision Garland 2030 Comprehensive Plan. A Change in Zoning is not intended to restrict uses or secure development performances beyond what is permitted within the proposed zoning district and the GDC. Accordingly the GDC requires careful consideration as to how closely the proposed district follows the policies of the Envision Garland 2030 Comprehensive Plan, and to what degree the rezoning will impact surrounding and future development.
  2. The Single-Family-7 (SF-7) District is intended to provide for development of primarily low-density detached single-family residences on a variety of lot sizes, churches, schools, and public parks in logical, livable, and sustainable neighborhoods. The applicant proposes to develop the site in a manner consistent with the stated purpose of the Single-Family-7 (SF-7) District and the surrounding residential development.
    The Agricultural (AG) District requires a minimum lot size of 87,120 square feet for development with a minimum dwelling size of 1,100 square feet. Setbacks within the Agricultural (AG) Districts are much greater than more urban residential districts and more reflective of a rural development pattern. Accordingly, residential development on agricultural land typically consists of homesteads on large tracts. Large tract homesteads are inconsistent with the established residential development pattern of the surrounding area.  Comparatively, the Single-Family-7 (SF-7) District requires a minimum of 7,000 square feet, a minimum dwelling size of 1,500 square feet and setbacks to accommodate more a more dense development type. Residential properties surrounding the subject site have developed on lot sizes between 7,000 and 10,000 square feet similar to the development proposed. Single-Family-7 (SF-7) zoning standards are consistent with the surrounding residential development.
  3. The GDC provides the tools to ensure that development standards which promote efficient use of land and resources and which are supportive of the policies of the Comprehensive Plan are incorporated into site development, including but not limited to building and site design.
  4. The intent of the request is for development of single-family residential uses in the area. The request is consistent with the Land Use Goals and Policies of Envision Garland 2030 Comprehensive Plan.
The Future Land Use Map of the Envision Garland 2030 Comprehensive Plan designates the subject property Compact Neighborhoods. Compact Neighborhoods provide areas for moderate increases in residential density, including single-family attached and single-family detached housing. It expands housing options through infill and redevelopment, while continuing walkable development patterns. These areas provide transitions between traditional residential neighborhoods and higher density residential neighborhoods and non-residential developments. These areas accommodate uses such as convenience retail (goods and services), office space, and public services. The architectural character and scale of these areas are compatible with adjacent residential development.  The Compact Neighborhood development type is primarily characterized as moderate residential (between six and twelve dwelling units per acre).
The surrounding properties are primarily developed with residential and park uses. To the southwest, properties are developed with single-family residential uses within the Planned Development (PD) District 86-35. Property north and east of the site is zoned Agricultural (AG) District and developed as park and open space land dedicated to the Spring Creek Forest Preserve. Immediately to the south is undeveloped property and a City of Garland Fire Station all zoned Agriculture (AG) District. Nearby there are existing residential developments; therefore, the request would not introduce any new uses that may be incompatible with the surrounding area.
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