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  Agenda Item 11.b.       
Meeting Date: 08/01/2017  
Item Title:    Z 17-32 Masterplan (District 7)
Submitted By: Josue De La Vega

Approval of 1) an amended Concept Plan and 2) a Detail Plan for a Charter School on a property zoned Planned Development (PD) District 13-28 and Specific Use Provisions for a Charter School and a Dormitory.
International America Education Federation, Inc.
On July 10, 2017 the Plan Commission, by a vote of seven (7) to zero (0), recommended approval of 1) an amended Concept Plan and 2) a Detail Plan for a Charter School.
Approval of 1) an amended Concept Plan and 2) a Detail Plan for a Charter School.
In 2013 City Council approved Planned Development (PD) District 13-28 along with a Concept Plan, a Detail Plan and Specific Use Provisions to allow the construction of a charter school campus consisting of one (1) school building plus athletic fields and one (1) dormitory building.
The applicant seeks approval of the request above to allow the addition of a new school building on the existing charter school campus.
The subject property has an area of approximately 18.17 acres with 280 lineal feet of frontage along Arapaho Road, 800 lineal feet of frontage along Shiloh Road and 815 lineal feet of frontage along Lawrence Drive. The site is accessed from Arapaho Road, Shiloh Road and Lawrence Drive.
Planned Development (PD) District 13-28 limits the permitted land uses on Lot 1 of the charter school campus to Community Retail Uses, including Charter School with approval of a Specific Use Provision. On Lot 2 of the charter school campus the land uses are limited to a dormitory, also upon approval of a Specific Use Provision. Planned Development (PD) District 13-28 includes a Concept Plan and a Detail Plan for the entire charter school campus (Lot 1 and Lot 2) as well as a Specific Use Provision for the charter school on Lot 1 and a second Specific Use Provision for the dormitory on Lot 2.
Amended Concept Plan:
  1. The applicant proposes an amended Concept Plan (Exhibit C) to reflect the location of the new school building and illustrate how this addition fits into the overall plan of the charter school campus.Although the site of the new building was identified as an athletic field on the previously approved Concept Plan (Exhibit G), this area has remained simply as a grassy area.
Detail Plan:
  1. The applicant proposes the construction of a 20,406 square-foot, one-story school building (Exhibit D).The proposed school building will provide space for new classrooms, office, storage as well as a multipurpose space for the JROTC program. Through a letter issued to the Transportation Department, the applicant has asserted that the student enrollment will remain the same regardless of this expansion.
  2. According to the applicant, the architecture of the new school building is inspired by and closely resembles the Marine Barracks of Washington D.C. While there is not the space to fully replicate this landmark building, the architecture of the proposed new school building with its central walk, brickwork and arches as well as the false windows and tower façade will be reminiscent of this landmark as stated by the applicant.
  3. The parking requirement is based on student enrollment; therefore, the parking requirement is not affected at this time.The current parking requirement for the charter school is 256 parking spaces and 298 parking spaces are provided.The applicant has indicated that thirty-three (33) parking spaces will be temporarily eliminated during the construction of the new school building and eight (8) parking spaces will be permanently eliminated. The applicant has indicated that the on-site traffic circulation will not be impacted during or after the construction of the new school building.
  4. The landscape layout for the charter school campus was established with Planned Development (PD) District 13-28 and the landscaping was installed with the construction of the main school building and the dormitory.The proposed expansion does not require any additional landscaping; however, the applicant proposes additional vegetation around the new school building (Exhibit E).
  5. With the exception of the façade articulation (see Consideration No. 8), the design of the new school building (Exhibit F) complies with all applicable building design standards of the Garland Development Code.
  6. The Garland Development Code establishes a maximum building height of thirty-five (35) feet.The applicant is proposing a maximum building height of forty (40) feet for the new school building.The height increase is mostly to accommodate the tower which is an architectural feature (an appurtenance structure) rather than an occupied structure.It should be noted that with the approval of Planned Development (PD) District 13-28 City Council approved a condition to allow the main (existing) school building to have a maximum building height of forty-three (43) feet rather than the maximum of thirty (30) feet permitted by the previous Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance No. 4647.
    Given that 1) the majority of the proposed school building will comply with the prescribed maximum building height of thirty-five (35) feet, 2) the tower is not an occupied space and 3) the nearest residential properties are located more than 300 feet from the location of the new school building, staff finds the request appropriate. 
  7. Modeled after the Marine Barracks in Washington DC, the architectural style of the building exhibits purposefully massive walls set off by the pitched roofline and tower as viewed from the street.In contrast, the Garland Development Code stipulates that street-facing facades with a length greater than eighty (80) feet should be articulated; that is, thirty (30) percent of the street-facing wall needs to be depressed or extruded from the main façade plane. The intent of this articulation requirement is to avoid plain/unornamented facades highly visible from the street. The aforementioned requirement would apply to the east elevation of the new school building which would face Shiloh Road.
    The applicant asserts that such articulation would be contrary to the proposed building design and that the two toned brick that will be used on the building will provide visual appeal from Shiloh Road. 
Staff concurs with the applicant.  Additional articulation along the eastern elevation may compromise the design of the building. Furthermore, there are architectural elements including arches, decorative molding, ornamental window headers, ornamental façade trims and faux window arches on the east elevation that offer visual detail as well as appeal.
The three tracts immediately to the north of the subject property are also under Planned Development (PD) District 13-28 but are not part of the charter school campus; these properties are undeveloped and Community Retail Uses are permitted. The properties further north, across Arapaho Road, are zoned Planned Development (PD) District 99-14, Planned Development (PD) District 02-28 and Planned Development (PD) District 14-09 for Community Retail Uses; these properties are developed self-storage units, a financial institution, a gas station, a shopping center containing a grocery store, retail sales/personal services and a restaurant.
The properties to the east are zoned Single Family-7 (SF-7) District, Planned Development (PD) District 84-73, Planned Development (PD) District 08-45 and Planned Development (PD) District 99-49--all three Planned Development (PD) Districts for Office Uses.  These properties are developed with single family residences and a church building. 
The properties to the south are zoned Multi-family (MF) District and Single Family-7 (SF-7) District; these properties are developed with an apartment complex and single-family residences. 
The properties to the west are zoned Single Family-7 (SF-7) District and developed with single-family residences.
The amended Concept Plan and Detail Plan for the proposed charter school expansion continues to offer a site layout that provides a gradual and coherent transition from single-family residences located west and south from the subject property to the Community Retail Uses developed immediately to the north of Arapaho.  Furthermore, the proposed expansion does not include an increase in the student enrollment; hence, current levels of traffic volume should be maintained.
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