C I T Y  O F  F O R T  P I E R C E

Regular Meeting - Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 3:30 p.m.
Fort Pierce City Hall, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 100 N US Highway 1, Fort Pierce, FL
Present: Melvin Jones, Sr.; Charles Hayek; Dr. Pinkie Hendley
Absent: James Edwards; Derrick Gibbons
Staff Present: Chief of Police Diane Hobley-Burney
Sergeant Jason Braun
  4:41 pm.
  Member Hendley prayed.
A. Approval of the Meeting Minutes from the June 11, 2020 meeting.
  Motion was made by Melvin Jones, Sr., seconded by Dr. Pinkie Hendley to approve the minutes of June 11, 2020 meeting.
AYE: Charles Hayek, Melvin Jones, Sr., Dr. Pinkie Hendley
Any person who wishes to comment on any subject on this Agenda may be heard at this time. Please sign the sign-up sheet in order to speak. Please limit your comments to no more than three (3) minutes, as this section of the Agenda is
limited to thirty minutes. The Police Community Advisory Committee will not be able to take any official action under “Comments from the Public” section.
A. PCAC Community Survey disbrubition.
  Discussions about the distribution of the survey will be tabled at the next meeting.
B. Discussion on the Committee’s recommendation to Commission.
  Member Hayek reminded members of the recommendations to be submitted to Commission.  He said Mr. Mimms, City Manager made a request for the Committee’s submission to be sent to him. Staff Hobley-Burney informed the City Manager that the Committee will have its finalized submission ready after today’s meeting.

Member Hendley asked if all members are required to attend the Conference Agenda meeting.  Staff Hobley-Burney advised that members are invited even if only one person makes the presentation to Commission. She said that the staff will be present to offer support.

As it relates to the approval of the Body Worn Camera Policy, Member Hendley pointed out that it should be noted in the Committee’s recommendations that it was approved by the Commission and subsequently updated.  She said that clarification is needed regarding the end of shift and the end of tour of duty. The cost to be borne for officers to have body worn camera should also be included in the Committee’s recommendations and that the data on the camera cannot be compromised.

Member Jones pointed out that there was no need for any more disciplinary actions to be taken against officers since it was adequately addressed in the policy. He made reference to the role of supervisors all the way up the chain of command as it relates to checks and balances.  Staff Braun highlighted that supervisors do random checks on the use of the camera for at least three (3) officers to include all the officers who are involved in that particular case. A second level of review would be done by the Quality Assurance Manager.

  Motion was made by Melvin Jones, Sr., seconded by Dr. Pinkie Hendley to accept the recommendations of the Committee for the Commission.
AYE: Charles Hayek, Melvin Jones, Sr., Dr. Pinkie Hendley
A. Department Update.
  Staff Hobley-Burney advised members that the Department was in the process of hiring a Major who will be responsible for quality assurance, professional standards, vehicles, Body Worn Camera as well as the K-9 Unit. She said the Major position was critical due to liability and compliance concerns.

With regards to training, she outlined that a document is being developed for circulation on Facebook providing information on the type of trainings we do and those we do not.   She said the Department will seek assistance from the Department of Justice (DOJ) in the area of training. Reference was made to the development of the George Floyd training which was used to sensitize staff on our mandate as a Police Department which is to serve and protect lives.

Due to the pandemic, Staff Hobley-Burney informed members that community engagement activities such as Courageous Kids was cancelled.  She briefed the Committee on the plans for the Department’s RICH House on Avenue I. Proposed programs to be offered to children and seniors, include, homework assistance, General Educational Development (GED), among others.

B. COVID 19 status update.
  Staff Braun outlined that the due to the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, the Department’s lobby was closed to the public. Service was still being rendered through appointments. The wearing of mask has expanded and Officers are working daily to decontaminate their vehicles.  He also noted that the temperature checks are being recorded as staff report for work.
  Staff Hobley-Burney thanked the Committee for the time taken to review the Body Worn Camera Policy. 
  Member Hendley reminded members of the Circle of Prayer for Unity and New Beginnings to be held on July 14, 2020. She said this meeting will focus on what can be done for the community and that law enforcement representatives, among others were invited.
Member Jones shared that the Masons will be donating 1,500 masks to the community. 
Member Hayek said that with the increased calls across the nation for the defunding of some Police Departments, it was important for the Committee to provide support and work hard to ensure that the Fort Pierce Police Department remains funded.
  5:53 pm.


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