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  Agenda Item # 11.b.       
Meeting Date: 09/19/2016  
Re:    Ordinance 16-018 - Scrivener's Error
Submitted For: Rebecca Grohall

Ordinance No. 16-018 correcting a scriveners error in classification of dwelling rentals in certain zoning districts within the use table.  SECOND READING
  • The City of Fort Pierce Commission, on November 4th, 2013, adopted Ordinance L-295 to create a Use Table to relocates all of the “permitted” and “conditional” uses for each zoning district into one combined table.
  • The Use Table created by Ordinance L-295 through scrivener’s error omitted the proper use classification of Dwelling Rentals within certain zoning districts; E-2, E-3, R-3, R-4, R-4A, & R-5.
  • Ordinance L-295 presented Dwelling Rentals as a prohibited use within these noted zoning districts; E-2, E-3, R-3, R-4, R-4A, & R-5, as opposed to the intended identification with a “C”, as eligible Conditional uses within said districts, as previously established within the City’s land development regulations.
  • The origin or cause for the Scrivener’s error is unknown; however staff has affirmed the Scrivener’s error as unintended.
  • It is appropriate to amend Ordinance No. L-295 via Ordinance 16-018 by setting forward a corrected distribution of P / C / - classification for the use category of Dwelling Rentals, identifying the use as a Conditional Use within the E-2, E-3, R-3, R-4, R-4A, & R-5 zoning districts.
  • Ordinance 16-018 will correct the Scrivener’s error the classification of Dwelling Rentals in the E-2, E-3, R-3, R-4, R-4A, and R-5 districts, assigning the accurate classification within the adopted use table.
Kori Benton, Senior Planner
Rebecca Grohall, AICP, Planning Director
James M. Messer, Esq., City Attorney

Fiscal Impact
Staff Report
Proposed Ordinance 16-018 (To be replaced by Signed F&C Version)
Staff Reports & Accompanying Ordinance Rendition
Pre-2011 Ordinance History - Dwelling Rentals
Approved Ordinance L-295 - Use Table Ordinance

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
City Manager Nick Mimms 08/31/2016 03:57 PM
Form Started By: kbenton Started On: 08/23/2016 04:49 PM
Final Approval Date: 09/07/2016


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