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  Agenda Item # 9.a.       
Meeting Date: 08/03/2015  
Re:    Lien Reduction Request - 1815 S 30th Street
Submitted For: Peggy Arraiz

Request to reduce two code enforcement fines in the amount of $110,580.00 against 1815 S. 30th Street previously owned by Custodio & Monica Pereira, Jr., 1815 S 30th Street, Ft. Pierce, FL 34947 and currently owned by David Buryanek, 1811 S. 30th Street, Ft. Pierce, FL 34948 to $2,066.60 payable in 10 months. 
  1. Case #13-1046 against Custodio Pereira Jr. in 2013 for failure to secure a vacant building resulted in a lien in the amount of $47,040.00.
  2. Case #14-0324 against Custodio Pereira Jr. in 2014 for failure to remove a fallen tree resulted in a lien in the amount of $63,540.00.
  3. After Mr. Buryanek purchased the property, he complied all violations. He is requesting that the fines in the amount of $110,580.00 be waived.
The Special Magistrate heard Mr. Buryanek's request and recommends that the City Commission reduce the combined liens to $2,066.60 payable in 10 months.

Recommendation is based on:
  1. Mr. Buryanek is the next door neighbor who originated the complaint against this property.
  2. Once the property became available, Mr. Buryanek purchased the property, corrected the violations and brought the property into compliance.
  3. Mr. Buryanek has also agreed to pay $433.40 to reimburse the City for a lot clearing lien also placed against prior owner.
  4. Total of reduced lien amount plus the lot clearing is $2500.00 payable in 10 months.
**Mr. Buryanek is requesting the City Commission to reconsider the Special Magistrate's recommendation. Please see appeal letter attached.
  1. Deny the request.
  2. Make alternative recommendations.
Colleen Greer, Executive Secretary.
Margaret Arraiz, Code Compliance Manager.

Fiscal Impact
Budgeted Y/N: 2015
Fiscal Year:
Amount: 2066.60
$2066.60 to the general fund.
Request 13-1046
Request 14-0324
7 Criteria 13-1046
7 Criteria 14-0324
Tax Card

Form Review
Inbox Reviewed By Date
City Manager Peggy Arraiz 07/20/2015 10:53 AM
City Manager rbradshaw 07/24/2015 05:05 PM
Form Started By: Colleen Greer Started On: 07/17/2015 10:30 AM
Final Approval Date: 07/24/2015


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