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Meeting Date: 01/23/2020  
Submitted By: Jennifer Jensen, Engineering Executive Assistant

CLOSE PROJECTS AND CANCEL PURCHASE ORDERS 0092320, 0138257, 0124155, 0116804, 0133083, 0137842, 0116768 AND 0128861, IN THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF $816,097.32.
This item is presented to close purchase orders for engineering services that are no longer needed due to various reasons, including that the projects are completed or work has stopped. The remaining funds will be transfered, as necessary, by the accounting department.

The following purchase orders shall be closed:
Project No. Purchase Order No. Project Description Remaining Balance
R-0814A PO0092320 2008 GO Bond Bridge Improvements $  58,946.11
R-1504B PO0138257 Bridge Inspections $  48,150.95
R-0814A PO0124155 Bridge Replacement $  30,000.00
G-1302B PO0116804 Program Management Services/Canola Plant $388,583.67
R-1311A PO0133083 Cleveland and Chestnut A/E Services $    7,788.49
R-1311A PO0137842 Cleveland and Chestnut A/E Services $    6,686.00
W-1406A PO0116768 Cleveland and Chestnut Intersection WL Relocation A/E $  15,967.10
W-1406C PO0128861 Cleveland Street WL Relocation A/E $259,975.00
Close Projects and Cancel the specified engineering Purchase Orders.
Murali Katta, P.E., City Engineer


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