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Meeting Date: 05/23/2017  
Contact: Edlyn Vatthauer, Planning Manager
File Number: Z-1336-16  
Date Filed: 04/27/2017  
Location: At the northeast corner of Kestrel Avenue and Wintergreen Road
Size of Request: 3.5 acres  
Number of Lots: 4  
Current Zoning: Planned Development (PD-139)
Applicant: Kevin Butler  
Owner: Matthew Leffall

Consider Zoning Case Z-1336-16, an amendment to Planned Development-139 (PD-139) to allow a mini-warehouse on Lots 1-4, Block A, Eagle Office Park, with deviations; located at the northeast corner of Kestrel Avenue and Wintergreen Road and consisting of 4 lots and 3.5 acres.  Applicant: Kevin Butler; Owner: Matthew Leffall.
Planned Development-139 (PD-139) allows a mini-warehouse use with a Specific Use Permit (SUP).  However, in cases where a use is allowed in a Planned Development with a Specific Use Permit (SUP), we amend the Planned Development, rather than creating a Specific Use Permit (SUP).  Furthermore, the applicant is asking for some deviations, which can not be granted through a SUP.  Consequently, they are requesting and amendment to Planned Development-139 (PD-139) to allow this use on the property in question.

The property in question is located to the north of Wintergreen Road and on the east side of Kestrel Avenue; as shown on the Vicinity Map.

As provided on the Zoning Exhibit, the property in question is located within Planned Development-139 (PD-139), which allows industrial, commercial, retail and office uses.  To the north and east it is Planned Development-139 (PD-139) zoning.  To the west, across Kestrel Avenue, is General Retail (GR) zoning.  To the south is Multi-Family (MF) and Two Family (Duplex) zoning.

As seen on the Aerial Photo, the property in question is vacant.  To the east is a lot containing an abandoned home.  To the north of this is a developed lot and then a vacant lot.  To the north is a developed lot and a vacant lot to the north of that.  To the west, across Kestrel Avenue it is vacant.  To the south is an apartment complex and duplexes to the east of that. 

As provided on the Site Plan, access to the development would be off of Wintergreen Road.  The office with parking is located just to the north of Wintergreen Road.  The office structure would consist of two stories.  The first, being 1,500 square feet, would be used as the office and the second story, consisting of 1,500 square feet as well, would be the residence.  There would be six (6) warehouse buildings.  The largest would consist of 5,000 square feet and the smallest 4,175 square feet.  Along the west side of the property will be a vehicle storage area.  A 10 foot, 6 inch masonry wall will be constructed along the east and north property line, in addition to just north of the parking lot.  There will also be an 8 foot high metal rolling gate.

A Landscape Plan is also attached, which meets requirements, except for the deviation requested, which will be part of the deviations requested.

The Elevations have also been provided.  The office will meet the masonry requirements.  However, the interior facades of the warehouse buildings will not.  Although the west facing wall of Building 2 and 5 will be masonry, the remaining walls of these two buildings and the remaining four (4) buildings will be metal.  This is one of the deviations requested by the developer.

The deviations requested are as follows.
1.  The walls of all the warehouses will be metal, except for the west wall of Buildings 2 and 5.
2.  Allowing the masonry wall to be 10 feet, 6 inches, rather than 10 feet.
3.  That a five (5) foot landscape buffer not be required along the east property line.
Staff notified property owners within 200 feet and published “Notice of Public Hearing” as required by law. Thirteen (13) notices were mailed to adjoining property owners, one (1) reply was received in favor and no (0) replies were received in opposition. 
Attachments for Case Z-1336-17


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