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Meeting Date: 06/13/2017  
Contact: Edlyn Vatthauer, Planning Manager
File Number: Z-1350-17  
Date Filed: 04/19/2017  
Location: Approximatley 1,300 feet south of Belt Line Road and 2,100 feet east of Polk Street
Size of Request: 86.21 acres  
Number of Lots: 160  
Current Zoning: Planned Development- 127 (PD-127)
Applicant: Jonathan Jobe  
Owner: Keith Hardesty

Consider Zoning Case Z-1350-17, an amendment to Planned Development-127 (PD-127) to incorporate approximately 15 acres into this Planned Development, as well as to request deviations. Located approximately 1,300 feet south of Belt Line Road and 2,100 feet east of Polk Street; consisting of 160 lots and 86.21 acres. Applicant: Jonathan Jobe; Owner: Keith Hardesty.
Planned Development-127 (PD-127) was originally approved in December of 2006.  Because the developer wants to add additional acreage to this Planned Development, and desires to develop this area differently than first proposed, he has requested that this Planned Development be amended.

The property in question is located 1,300 feet south of Belt Line Road, and 2,100 feet east of Polk Street, as provided on the Vicinity Map.

As provided on the Zoning Exhibit, the property in question is zoned Planned Development-127 (PD-127), and has a base zoning of Single Family-12 (SF-12).  To the north is Single Family-8 (SF-8) and Single Family-9 (SF-9) zoning.  To the west is Single Family-12 (SF-12) zoning.  To the east is General Retail zoning as well as Single Family-12 (SF-12) zoning further south.  To the south is Single Family- 12 (SF-12) zoning, with Agricultural (A) zoning to the south of Parkerville Road.

As seen on the Aerial Photo, the property in question is vacant.  To the north are single family homes.  To the west are single family homes and Woodridge Elementary School.  To the south it is vacant with single family homes along Parkerville Road.  Just to the east it is vacant with some businesses located along Interstate-35 East (I-35 E).  Between Phase I and Phase 2 is future park land, which is currently held by the Texas Parks and Recreation Foundation, also known as DeSoto Ranch Park according to our Parks, Recreation  Open-Space & Trails Master Plan.

As shown on the attached Site Plan, the proposed development would consist of two phases.  Phase 1 is located to the north of the creek, which runs through the property, and Phase 2 is located to the south of the creek.  Phase 1 is shown with the darker shading.  Phase 1 would consist of 48 lots, with Phase 2 consisting of 112 lots.  Phase 1 currently has two points of access, Crestwood Drive, from the north and Woodridge Drive, from the west.  Phase two would have access from the north via Westwind Drive and from Hidden Lakes Drive off of Parkerville Road.

The existing Site Plan for Planned Development-127 (PD-127) is also attached.

The applicant is asking for the following deviations.
1.  Maximum number of lots of 160, rather than 114.
2.  Average lot size of 16,474, rather than 16,754.
3.  Minimum lot size of 12,112 sq.ft., rather than 12,036 sq. ft., as provided in existing PD ord.
3.  A density of 1.86 units per acre, rather than 1.6.
4.  Phase 2 to be extended down to Parkerville Road.
5.  No alleys be required.
6.  The development will be assessed a parks fee of $500 per residential lot , which must be paid before the final plat of each phase can be recorded.
Staff notified property owners within 200 feet and published "Notice of Public Hearing" as required by law.  Sixty-six (66) notices were mailed to adjoining property owners, no (0) replies were received in favor and two (2) reply were received in opposition.
Attachments for Case Z-1350-17


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