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Meeting Date: 01/10/2017  
Contact: Edlyn Vatthauer, Planning Manager
File Number: Z-1333-16  
Date Filed: 12/05/2016  
Location: Approximately 200 feet north of Pleasant Run Road and then to the west and east sides of The Meadows Parkway.
Size of Request: 3.16 acres  
Number of Lots: 2  
Current Zoning: Planned Development- 146 (PD-146) having a base zoning of General Retail (GR)
Applicant: Pleasant Meadows, Inc.  
Owner: Belinda May

Consider Zoning Case Z-1333-16, a Multi-Family (MF) Planned Development, including the consideration of requested deviations; located approximately 200 feet north of Pleasant Run Road and then to the west and east sides of The Meadows Parkway; consisting of two (2) tracts of land and approximately 3.16 acres.  Applicant: Belinda May; Owner: Pleasant Meadows, Inc.
It is the applicants desire to construct an apartment complex on the property in question.  Because apartments are not allowed in General Retail (GR) zoning, the property must be rezoned to Multi-Family (MF).  Furthermore, because several deviations to the Multi-Family (MF) regulations are being requested, the applicant has requested a Planned Development.

The property in question is located approximately 200 feet north of Pleasant Run Road and then to the west and east side of The Meadows Parkway, as provided on the Vicinity Map.

As provided on the Zoning Exhibit, the property in question is currently zoned Planned Development-146 (PD-146), which is a General Retail (GR) Planned Development.  The tract on the east side of The Meadows Parkway is surrounded by General Retail (GR) zoning.  The tract on the west side has Single Family-9 (SF-9) zoning to the north and west and General Retail (GR) zoning to the south.

As seen on the Aerial Photo, both the tract to the east and west of The Meadows Parkway are vacant.  The tract on the east has vacant land to the north, a car wash to the east, a vacant building to the south, which was last used as a restaurant, as well as a day care center.  The tract on the west side has single family homes on the north and west sides and a retail shopping center, restaurant, and a credit union on the south side.

The applicant has requested the following deviations from Multi-Family (MF) requirements, which are as follows.
1.  Allow the height of the apartment buildings to be three (3) stories, rather than a maximum of two and a half (2 1/2) stories.
2.  Have a side yard setback of 15 feet adjoining the single family area, rather than the requirement of 60 feet.
3.  Allow the covered parking structure to be 10 feet from the property line, rather than 15 feet.
4.  Allow the development to have a splash park, rather than a swimming pool.
5.  Allow the masonry wall along the north side of the development to the west to be 10 feet, rather than a maximum of 8 feet.
6.  Allowing the parking spaces to be 50% covered and 50% uncovered, rather than the requirement of having 50% in garages and 50% covered.
7.  Allow the complex to the east to have garbage pickup, rather than providing a refuse container.
8.  Allow the complex to the east to be built without a gate.
9.  Allow the one bedroom units to have a minimum square footage of 694, rather than the minimum requirement of 800 square feet.

As provided on the Site Plan, the proposed apartment building to the east side of The Meadows Parkway will have three stories, consists of 8,328 square feet and will contain twelve (12) units.  All of these units will be one bedroom units with each having a minimum square footage of 694.  Each building on the west side will also be three stories and consist of 21,324 square feet.  Building One will contain 24 units.  Of these, twelve (12) will be one bedroom units and twelve (12) will be two bedroom units.  Building Two will also contain 24 units.  Of these, twelve (12) will be one bedroom units and 12 will be two bedroom units.  For the development as a whole there will be a total of 60 units.  A club house consisting of 2,400 square feet will be built on the west tract.  Both complexes will be fenced, as required by the Zoning Ordinance.

The Landscape Plan, which is attached, meets the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.

The Elevations, which are attached, meeting the masonry requirements.
Staff notified property owners within 200 feet and published " Notice of Public Hearing" as required by law.  Forty (40) notices were mailed to adjoining property owners, zero (0) replies were received in favor and five (5) replies were received in opposition.
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