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Meeting Date: 01/10/2017  
Contact: Edlyn Vatthauer, Planning Manager
File Number: Z-1338-16  
Date Filed: 12/06/2016  
Location: Located at the end of Plaza Road
Size of Request: 1.96 acres  
Number of Lots: 1  
Current Zoning: Planned Development-20 (PD-20)
Applicant: Jerome Guillory  
Owner: Cheryl Snyden

Consider Zoning Case Z-1338-16, an amendment to Planned Development- 20 (PD-20) to allow an Assisted Living Facility at 1300 Plaza Road; consisting of 1 lot and 1.96 acres.  Applicant: Jerome Guillory; Owner: Cheryl Snyder. 
Planned Development-20 (PD-20) contains a list of uses that are permitted within this Planned Development.  An Assisted Living Facility is not one of these uses.  Consequently, the applicant is asking that Planned Development-20 (PD-20) be amended to permit this use By-Right at 1300 Plaza Road.

The property in question is located, at the end of a cul-de-sac street called Plaza Road, which comes off the Interstate-35 East (I-35E) frontage road, and is a little south of Southpointe Drive, as provided on the Vicinity Map.

As provided on the Zoning Exhibit, the property in question is within Planned Development-20 (PD-20).  To the north and south is Planned Development-20 (PD-20) zoning as well.  To the west is Planned Development-3 (PD-3), a residential development and to the east is the City Limits.

As seen on the Aerial Photo, the property in question consist of a building with parking.  To the north it is vacant.  To the east and south are retail uses and to the west, across the creek, are single Family Homes.

As provided in the letter from the applicant, which is attached, the facility would have a maximum of sixteen (16) residents, with roughly six (6) employees.  
Planned Development- 20 (PD-20) has a base zoning of General Retail (GR).  In the Use Chart, found in the Zoning Ordinance, an Assisted Living Facility is permitted in the General Retail (GR) districts with a Specific Use Permit (SUP).  Staff is not sure why an Assisted Living Facility was not permitted in Planned Development- 20 (PD-20) either By-Right or with a Specific Use Permit (SUP).  However, other institutional uses such as a Hospital, Rehabilitation Care Facility, Youth Shelter or Institution for Psychiatric Patients, are not permit either.

Again, this request is to allow an Assisted Living Facility only at 1300 Plaza Road, not in the entire Planned Development- 20 (PD-20).

Staff notified property owners within 200 feet and published “Notice of Public Hearing” as required by law.   Twenty-two (22) notices were mailed to adjoining property owners, zero (0) replies were received in favor and zero (0) were received in opposition. 
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