Board of Trustees Special Meeting


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Meeting Date: 03/30/2020  
Requested by: Craig VanNice Prepared by: Craig VanNice
Recommended Action: Presented for Information Only

Executive Summary:
The Yellowstone County Superintendent, in coordination with the County Elections Administrator, are recommending the postponement of the May 5th Elementary General Fund Levy Election until July 7th.  Below is an Email from Bret Rutherford, County Elections Administrator, regarding the decision:

"As you may know, under 20-20-108, MCA, the County Superintendent of Schools has the authority to cancel the May 5th School Election as Governor Bullock has declared a state of emergency.  After consulting with the County Attorney’s Office, Sherry and I have decided that this would be the appropriate course of action due to the COVID-19 outbreak as the health of our staff, volunteers, and the public is of the utmost importance.  Our main concern is the very small window between ballot certification, April 3rd, and when ballots must be available, April 7th for late registration and April 15th for absentees.  Under normal circumstances, after ballots are printed after the certification deadline, a large group of volunteers help to prepare the mailings at the courthouse which takes about 8 full days to complete.  With the shelter in place order and the social spacing guidelines that we are required to follow, this will not be possible.  As such, we have prepared the attached draft timeline to tentatively reschedule the contested races and levies for July 7th.  This should give districts requesting levies ample time to submit their budgets by August 15th.  The declaration would not be given until Friday, April 3rd, allowing us the opportunity to cancel uncontested races under 20-3-313."

Regarding trustee elections - after the trustee write-in deadline of April 2nd unopposed trustee races can be canceled and candidates declared elected by acclamation.  Opposed races will be on the July 7th ballot along with the Elementary levy.

Attached is a draft revision of the Election Schedule to reflect the new dates.
Suggested Action:

Yellowstone County Election Admiistrator Email
Draft Revised Election Schedule


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