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Meeting Date: 06/01/2017  
Submitted By: Jim Gagliardi, Planning & Development

DSA-17-00047 - Request by Roy Dawson for a Conditional Use Permit to allow the following on  Urban Ranch (UR) zoned property located at 3320 E Ropers Rd: 
    a. A manufactured home as a single-family residence within the UR zone per Table 17.60.030A of the City Code. 

    b.  A 900 sq. ft.accessory building, where 675 sq. ft. is the maximum size permitted unless a Conditional Use Permit is granted per 17.52.080 of the City Code. 

    c. An accessory building to be taller than the principle structure as allowed with the issuance of a Conditional Use Permit per 17.52.080 of the City Code (Planner James Gagliardi)
Approved with Conditions
The subject property is zoned Urban Ranch, where manufactured homes are subject to the consideration of a Conditional Use Permit. In addition to requesting approval for this 14 ft.-tall manufactured home, the applicant is also intending to construct a  15 ft.-tall 900 sq. ft. workshop building. The City Code states that accessory buildings over 675 sq. ft. and taller than the principle structure are also subject to consideration of a Conditional Use Permit.  More discussion can be found within Exhibit A, the staff report.  Exhibits B and C are the home elevations and the site plan.  Exhibit D is the Conditional Use Permit Resolution DSA-17-00047.
Staff recommends that Planning Commission approve DSA-17-00047 and its Resolution DSA-17-00047 (Exhibit D) subject to technical modifications and conditions as covered within the Staff Report (Exhibit A). 
Exhibit A- Staff Report
Exhibit B - Home elevations
Exhibit C - Site Plan
Exhibit D - Resolution DSA-17-00047


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