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Meeting Date: 06/01/2017  
Submitted By: Jim Gagliardi, Planning & Development

DSA-17-00054 and DSA-17-00060 - Request by Tim Morris of Brown Homes for the following land use approvals within Parcel AA of the McCartney Center Subdivision:
    a. Housing Product for design review of seven new single-family home floor plans consisting of three elevations and eight color schemes per plan to apply to 94 empty lots within Parcel AA per the McCartney Center Planned Area Development Zoning (PAD).
    b. Conditional Use Permit for a Model Home and Sales Complex featuring two model homes with a sales office, parking lot and staging area located at the Northeast Corner of Fontana Dr. and Rosewood Ln. (Planner James Gagliardi)
Approved with Technical Corrections and Conditions (Both)
Single-family residential Planned Area Developments, such as McCartney Center requires the submittal of Housing Product (DSA-17-00054) for the consideration by Planning Commission to ensure diversity among homes. The design review for this Housing Product submittal is to take into consideration the 1999 PAD Residential Design Standards as well as any specific requirements of the PAD itself.   Brown homes initially is planning to construct on 35 lots with an option for 94 lots, which would complete Parcel AA of McCartney Center.  A model home sales complex, with the intention to help promote sales of these new single-family plans requires consideration of a Conditional Use Permit (DSA-17-00060).
For further information refer to the Staff Report, Exhibit A.  The model home complex detail is Exhibit B.  The Housing Product is Exhibit C.  The 1999 PAD Residential Design Standards and the specific McCartney Center PAD standards are Exhibits D and E. The Conditional Use Permit Resolution is Exhibit F.
Staff recommends that Planning Commission approve the Housing Product (DSA-17-00054) and the Conditional Use Permit (DSA-17-00060) and Resolution DSA--17-00060 (Exhibit F)  for the Model Home Sales Complex subject to technical modifications and conditions as discussed within the Staff Report (Exhibit A). 
Exhibit A - Staff Report for DSA-17-00054 and DSA-17-00060
Exhibit B - Model Home Complex Plan with Landscaping
Exhibit C - Housing Product for Brown Homes (Parcel AA)
Exhibit D-1999 PAD Residential Design Standards
Exhibit E - PAD Requirements
Exhibit F - Resolution DSA-17-00060


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