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Meeting Date: 06/01/2017  
Submitted By: Jim Gagliardi, Planning & Development

DSA-17-00043 and DSA-17-00048 - Request by Omar Cervantes of XCL Engineering LLC on behalf of Arizona Water Company is requesting the following land use approvals within the Mission Royale Planned Area Development (PAD): 
    a.  Minor Site Plan to expand the Arizona Water Well Site and Treatment Facility for water treatment, storage, and pumping facilities onto an additional 4.73 acres to the north and to the east of the existing .6-acre site known as 2346 E Santiago Trail.  The expansion would entail an additional access road for Arizona Water Company access to the site from the north (off of Promenade Way), an extension of an 8 ft. high CMU wall, and landscaping. 

    b. Preliminary Plat to re-plat the 13.92-acre Parcel 3 of the Re-Subdivision of Parcel 3 Mission Plaza at Mission Royale into two parcels: Lot 8, a 9.19-acre lot for future development, and Lot 3, a proposed lot for the Arizona Water Well Site & Treatment Facility, incorporating the existing .6 acre well site parcel into a new 5.33-acre lot.   (Planner James Gagliardi)
Approved with Conditions and Technical Modifications (Both)
Arizona Water Company's Well Site No. 29. located within the Mission Royale Planned Area Development (PAD) is proposing an expansion from .6 acres to 5.33 acres to accommodate additional water storage tanks and a treatment for the removal of arsenic and nitrates.  The PAD permits this through the approval of a Minor Site Plan  (DSA-17-00043).   A Preliminary Plat has also been submitted because 4.73 acres of a larger platted is being purchased to accommodate this facility expansion; therefore a re-plat is required (DSA-17-00048).  For more information, please see Exhibit A-Staff Report.  The Minor Site Plan, and its proposed elevations are Exhibits B and C.  The Preliminary Plat is Exhibit D.  Notification correspondence as a result of the public notification process is found in Exhibit E.  A list of chemicals that will be stored on site in association with the water treatment is Exhibit F. 
Staff recommends that the Minor Site Plan, DSA-17-00043 be approved subject to conditions.  Staff also recommends that the Preliminary Plat, DSA-17-00048, be approved subject to technical modifications and conditions.  For a list of these, please refer to the Staff Report, Exhibit A.
Exhibit A - Staff Report for Minor Site Plan and Prelimary Plat
Exhibit B - Minor Site Plan
Exhibit C - Elevations
Exhibit D - Preliminary Plat
Exhibit E - Notfication Correspondence
Exhibit F-Chemical Information


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