THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 2017- 6:00 PM (REPOSTED ON 5/31/17)

A.   Call to Order/Pledge:
B.   Roll Call:
C.   Approval of Minutes:
  May 4, 2017

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D.   Changes to the Agenda:
E.   Unfinished Business:
1.   DSA-16-00078 - Request by Bowman Consulting for the following land use approval for the undeveloped portion of Villago, including approximately 1,246.3 acres located south of Val Vista Blvd, north of McCartney Rd, and east of Pinal Ave.
a. Major Amendment to Villago PAD.  Said amendment includes the following changes:
  1. Modify the circulation study including the realignment of Trekell Rd
  2. Remove Office/Business Park land uses
  3. Modify the Medium Density Residential location
  4. Address the updated Casa Grande Municipal Airport Noise Contour Map
  5. Modify development standards of the Single Family Residential  (Planner Joe Horn)
Please note: The consideration of this application is being continued from the May 4th Planning Commission meeting. A procedural issue with the Planning Commission’s vote and recommendation to City Council requires that the Planning Commission take additional action.
Motion to Forward a Favorable Recommendation to City Council
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F.   New Business:
1.   DSA-17-00053 - Request by Gino Tarantini for the following land use approvals for property located generally at the southeast corner of Val Vista Blvd and Thornton Road, approximately 14 acres (APN #’s 509-46-001A): 
    a. Zone Change from PAD (Planned Area Development) to R-3 (Multi-Family Residential) (Planner Joe Horn)
Approved with Conditions
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2.   DSA-17-00049 - Request by Brown Homes LLC, for the following land use approval at 786 and 792 West Kingman Drive of Desert Sky Ranch:
       a. Conditional Use Permit for the construction of a one unit model-home sales complex with a temporary parking lot (Planner: Joe Horn). 
Approved with Conditions
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3.   DSA-17-00054 and DSA-17-00060 - Request by Tim Morris of Brown Homes for the following land use approvals within Parcel AA of the McCartney Center Subdivision:
    a. Housing Product for design review of seven new single-family home floor plans consisting of three elevations and eight color schemes per plan to apply to 94 empty lots within Parcel AA per the McCartney Center Planned Area Development Zoning (PAD).
    b. Conditional Use Permit for a Model Home and Sales Complex featuring two model homes with a sales office, parking lot and staging area located at the Northeast Corner of Fontana Dr. and Rosewood Ln. (Planner James Gagliardi)
Approved with Technical Corrections and Conditions (Both)
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4.   DSA-17-00047 - Request by Roy Dawson for a Conditional Use Permit to allow the following on  Urban Ranch (UR) zoned property located at 3320 E Ropers Rd: 
    a. A manufactured home as a single-family residence within the UR zone per Table 17.60.030A of the City Code. 

    b.  A 900 sq. ft.accessory building, where 675 sq. ft. is the maximum size permitted unless a Conditional Use Permit is granted per 17.52.080 of the City Code. 

    c. An accessory building to be taller than the principle structure as allowed with the issuance of a Conditional Use Permit per 17.52.080 of the City Code (Planner James Gagliardi)
Approved with Conditions
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5.   DSA-17-00043 and DSA-17-00048 - Request by Omar Cervantes of XCL Engineering LLC on behalf of Arizona Water Company is requesting the following land use approvals within the Mission Royale Planned Area Development (PAD): 
    a.  Minor Site Plan to expand the Arizona Water Well Site and Treatment Facility for water treatment, storage, and pumping facilities onto an additional 4.73 acres to the north and to the east of the existing .6-acre site known as 2346 E Santiago Trail.  The expansion would entail an additional access road for Arizona Water Company access to the site from the north (off of Promenade Way), an extension of an 8 ft. high CMU wall, and landscaping. 

    b. Preliminary Plat to re-plat the 13.92-acre Parcel 3 of the Re-Subdivision of Parcel 3 Mission Plaza at Mission Royale into two parcels: Lot 8, a 9.19-acre lot for future development, and Lot 3, a proposed lot for the Arizona Water Well Site & Treatment Facility, incorporating the existing .6 acre well site parcel into a new 5.33-acre lot.   (Planner James Gagliardi)
Approved with Conditions and Technical Modifications (Both)
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6.   DSA-17-00063 - Request by Sam Clegg for property located at 1205 E. Sunset Drive:       
     a. Variance to allow a second driveway whereas City Code Section 17.56.100 limits single family uses to one drive access per property.  (Planner Laura Blakeman)
Tabled to Next Meeting
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G.   Call to the Public:
H.   Reports by Planning Director:
A. Minor Site Plans Administratively Approved:
B. Board of Adjustment Decisions:
C. Monthly Development Center Reports:
I.   Adjournment:
Note:  This meeting is open to the public.  All interested people are welcome to attend.  Supporting documents and staff reports, which were furnished to the Council with this Agenda, are available for review in the City Clerk’s Office or online at
Disabled individuals with special accessibility needs may contact ADA Coordinator for the City of Casa Grande at 520-421-8600 or TDD 520-421-8623.  If possible, such requests should be made 72 hours in advance.
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Gloria Leija, MMC
City Clerk


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