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Meeting Date: 07/17/2017  
Recommended by: Kevin Louis
Prepared by: Terrence McKeon, Deputy Public Works Director
Finance Director Review: Celina Morris  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted:
Type of Action Requested: Ordinance

Authorize the acquisition of rights-of-way and easements for right-of-way along Mission Parkway and Cottonwood Lane related to the installation of a proposed waterline.
Staff recommends that Mayor and Council adopt an ordinance which would authorize the City Manager to execute documentation for acquisition of rights-of-way and easements by maps of dedication related to a proposed 24” waterline, and to initiate any condemnation actions for the sewer project if any become necessary.
This action provides for the acquisition of rights-of-way by map of dedication along Cottonwood and Mission Parkway to provide for the construction and operation of a 24” diameter water main which will provide water service to this area and ultimately the area serving the property owned by AZ Sourcing.  Although it is being constructed by a private developer, this line will ultimately be owned and operated by Arizona Water Company (AWC.) In discussions with AWC, they have stated that their policy is to require construction of new waterlines to be within rights-of-way, rather than easements, whenever possible. In discussions with the landowners, they have indicated a preference to grant appropriate rights-of-way to the City rather than easements to another party. Staff has previously been in discussions and negotiations with each of the landowners of the parcels upon which rights-of-way or easements are required. To date each landowner has been very cooperative and have been willing to discuss dedication of the property to the City in exchange for water tie-ins by the developer of the line.  Because the waterline will be owned by Arizona Water Company, staff is only requesting the authority to obtain dedications of the property at no cost to the City and is not seeking condemnation authority for the right-of-way at this time. 

Deny Request
Ord. No. 3024
Water line overview



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