City Council Regular Meeting - Includes Action Taken


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Meeting Date: 07/17/2017  
Recommended by: Celina Morris Prepared by: Jeffrey Graves, Budget Analyst
Finance Director Review: Celina Morris  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted: 06/15/2017
Type of Action Requested: Resolution

Approval of six (6) resolutions authorizing agreements with various partner organizations for the provision of public services.
Staff recommends that the City Council approve six (6) resolutions authorizing the agreements to provide funding to various partner agencies.
The FY18 budget contemplates funding the various service organizations requests shown below.  Each of these organizations provide a direct benefit to residents of the City of Casa Grande. Historically, each of the organizations listed has previously applied and been awarded funding support from the City. The City made applications available to the organizations for the upcoming fiscal year as well. 

Each service organization submitted an applicant package which included a funding request, an outline of the services provided and a copy of their most recent financial statement audit. The total amount requested totaled $281,650. A detailed breakdown of these requests is shown below:

Access Arizona - $25,000
Boys & Girls Club of Arizona - $120,000
Casa Grande Main Street - $39,150

Casa Grande Valley Historical Society - $34,000
Chamber of Commerce - $43,500
Pinal County Water Augmentation Authority - $20,000
The FY18 Final Budget includes a provision to fund $281,650 in requests. The amount requested in the budget was based on the partnership funding requests and applicant packages.  As shown in years past, the value of the impact that each of the services organizations provide greatly outweigh the monetary value, and represent a great investment to our community. 

The funding composition for this request include $161,650 from the General Fund (101-11-100-100-7181-10000) and $120,000 from the Promotion and Tourism Fund (211-41-405-113-7181-10000).
Res. No. 5054
Access Arizona Foundation Contract
Access Arizona - FY18 Partnership App
Res. 5055
Boys & Girls Contract
Boys & Girls Club - FY18 Partnership App
Res. No. 5056
CG Main Street Contract
CG Main St. - FY18 Partnership App
Res. No. 5057
Greater Valley Historical Society Contract
CG Historical Society - FY18 Partnership App
Res. No. 5058
Greater Chamber of Commerce Contract
Chamber - FY18 Partnership App
Res. 5059
Pinal County Water Augmentation Contract
Pinal County Water Augmentation Authority - FY18 Partnership App



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