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Meeting Date: 07/17/2017  
Recommended by: Scott Miller Prepared by: Scott Miller, Fire Chief
Finance Director Review: Celina Morris  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted:
Type of Action Requested: Ordinance

Award Contract for Purchase of a 2018 Pierce Quantum Pumper from Pierce Manufacturing Inc.
It is recommended that the Mayor and City Council adopt an ordinance to purchase a 2018 Pierce Quantum Pumper from Pierce Manufacturing Inc. for a price of $736,713.68.
This purchase is made possible through the City's capital replacement program. The cost of the Pierce Quantum including all taxes, discounts totals $736,713.68.  This cost takes into account the City making a pre-payment in full upon order.  The City will realize a savings of $39,500.00.  The contract with Pierce Manufacturing Inc. was made possible by utilizing the NPP Gov Fire Rescue Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in which I am a member and this competitive bid process that does not charge a user fee.  The City of Casa Grande used the GPO earlier this year to purchase a water tender through Pierce Manufacturing.  
The capital replacement unit is for shop 432, a 2007 Pierce Quantum Pumper.  This unit will move into an alarm engine/swap out unit and replace Shop 420, a Pierce Saber Pumper.  In addition, we will also be eliminating Shop 418, our retained explorer engine.  The Sabers, a 1996 and 1997 are both reaching 200,000 miles and the maintenance repairs have increased. With this replacement purchase we will have two 2007 Pierce Quantum Pumpers as our alarm engine/swap out units.  The reliability of these units is much higher.  During the past year, shop 420, the 1997 Saber has required $35,000 in repairs and has been out of service for 45-days.  During this same time period when swap out units are needed for frontline service and their is no engine to swap into, Ladder 502 goes into service as a frontline unit.  L502 saw an increase in repairs of $37,000 during this same time period.  In order for us to keep  an alarm engine/swap out unit for the department, it must be reliable and trustworthy of service demands.  By moving units out of the operation will help reduce down our maintenance cost.  This 2007 unit was originally up for replacement in 2019.  However, due to the cost to maintain the other vehicles and the number of days they were out of service, it is being recommended by Fleet Services, Finance Department, City Manager's Office and the Fire Department that this unit be replaced ASAP.  Current fabrication time to build this pumper is 10-13 months from order date.  The new Quantum pumper will become one of our first due units. 

This Quantum custom chassis is almost identical to our other Quantum Pumpers, which as you are aware of is a heavy-duty chassis that can withstand the unique roadway challenges we have in the City.  The chassis will be powered by a Series 60 Detroit Diesel rated at 470 HP and have an Allison Gen IV transmission.  The pumper will carry 1000' of 5" LDH supply line, carry 750 gallons of water and have a 1,500 GPM pump.  The unit will have a compressed air foam system (CAFS) integrated into the Waterous Pump for Class A Foam applications.  The unit will have an integral foam tank for Class A Foam.  A hydraulic ladder rack is installed due to dual high side compartment for the storage of equipment.  The frame carries a 50-year warranty, the cab carries a 10-year warranty, the pumper body carries a 5-year warranty, the motor is 5-years/100,000 miles, the transmission is 5-years/unlimited mileage, the paint has a 10-year warranty and the UPF water tank carries a lifetime warranty.  This new technology will be able to provide us with the tools needed to conduct fire and rescue services for the next 12-years.
This purchase is made possible through the City's capital replacement program.  The budgeted amount for this project was $787,000.00 and the expected useful life span of this vehicle is 12-years.  The annual cost would be any maintenance and fuel needed during the year. The cost of the unit is 779,492.18, without any pre-payment.  The fire department is recommending to pre-pay the total amount of $736,713.68 up front and realize a savings of $39,500.00 to the City.  The pre-payment will need to be made at the time of the order.  The City Finance Director is recommending that we take this pre-payment option and realize a savings which benefits the City's financial position.  The up fit of radios, MDT, mounting bracket, TIC and replacement equipment will be purchased when the unit arrives through the remainder of the budget.
To deny or to delay.  The purchase of this unit will reduce down our maintenance costs and increase our reliability with an in service unit.
Ord. No. 3022
CGFD Bid/Line Item Spec
GPO Letter
Discount Letter
RFP Apparatus 1420
MPA Pierce Fire Apparatus 1420
Pierce Bridging Contract



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