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Meeting Date: 07/17/2017  
Recommended by: Scott Miller Prepared by: Scott Miller, Fire Chief
Finance Director Review: Celina Morris  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted:
Type of Action Requested: Ordinance

Replacement of Radios - Phase II Portables
It is recommended that the Mayor and City Council adopt an ordinance to purchase Motorola Portable Radios from Motorola Solutions under Arizona Contract # ADSPO13-036880 for an amount not to exceed $174,904.68
This project is a 3-year, 3-phase approach to replacing all of the City of Casa Grande Fire Department radios reaching their End of Life (EOL). This project was budgeted over a three year process in the City Capital Replacement Program.  This is Phase II of the project with Phase I being completed in FY 2016/17. This years, Phase II budget is $180,000 and is under Arizona State Contract # ADPSO13-036880. Currently Fire Department portable radios, Motorola XTS2500, have been slated for EOL through the manufacturer and will no longer be supported beyond December 31, 2019.  The current radios have been in service since 2008 and do not all for consistent interoperable communications with some of our Mutual Aid partners we work with due to the single band limitations of the radio VHF portable radio.

The second phase of this replacement program will continue to replace radios currently being used in the field with the new platform.  The APX8000XE platform has been designed for use with the firefighter’s bulky protective ensemble, by incorporating larger controls and buttons for ease of use. The radio has also been optimized with noise-canceling technology for use in noisy environments often encountered on emergency scenes and during fire suppression activities. This radio will also continue to increase the level of interoperability for the Fire Department and our Mutual Aid partners. The combination of a purpose-built radio with increased interoperability provides an enhanced level of safety for firefighters that we have not experienced prior to this replacement program.

Phase I deployed the replacement radios to our front line suppression units, providing boots on the ground with increased ability to communicate. Phase II will deploy radios to targeted command, support, and specialty units for the same increased ability to safely and effectively communicate on all incidents we respond to. Phase III, the final Phase, will roll out radios to remaining support and specialty units. This will provide personnel with the same radio and familiarity associated in operation regardless of their unit assignment.

The Fire Department has collaboratively come up with a fiscally responsible plan taking three years to disperse the financial impact, while still increasing the safety, communications and functionality for personnel.  Each radio has a 5 year warranty and an expected life cycle of 10 years.  This will help the City forecast future replacements in a more measured approach and it currently alleviates fiscal impacts thanks to an enhanced warranty from the manufacturer. 
This project was budgeted during fiscal 2017/18 for $180,000.00.  The cost of Phase II is $174,904.68 and is through Motorola Arizona State Contract #ADSPO13-036880.  The expected life cycle of the portable radio is 10-years and there is a 5-year warranty on each portable.  After the warranty expires in 5-years, the City will be responsible for the repairs of the radios.  The remaining budget will cover the expenses for the engraving/labeling of all radios and installation.
To approve or deny.
Ord. No. 3021
Motorola State Contract
Motorola Quote 6-13-17
Bridging Contract



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