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Meeting Date: 06/05/2017  
Recommended by: Celina Morris Prepared by: Jeffrey Graves, Budget Analyst
Finance Director Review: Celina Morris  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted: 05/30/2017
Type of Action Requested: Formal Action/Motion

Adoption of a notice of intention to increase wastewater fees and set a public hearing for August 7, 2017.
Approve the Notice of Intention as presented and set a public hearing date of August 7, 2017 to be held during the regular City Council meeting.
The adoption of a notice of intention is required by Arizona Revised Statute 9-511.01 and starts the public review process. The notice of intention establishes the date for the required public hearing which must be held at least sixty days after the adoption of the notice. Additionally, State law requires the City to compile a cash flow report supporting the fee increase.  This report must be filed with the City Clerk and posted on City’s website at least thirty days prior to the public hearing (July 7, 2017).  Further, a copy of the notice of intention showing the date, time, and place of the hearing shall be published one time in a newspaper of general circulation within the boundaries of the municipality not less than twenty days before the public hearing date (July 18, 2017). 
The adoption of the Notice of Intention to increase wastewater fees does not implement any fee increases, it simply starts the public review process. Following the public hearing, the Council will be asked to adopt fee increases for the wastewater Pretreatment Program. Council has the ability to adopt the proposed fees as presented, or at any level less than presented, but may not adopt fees higher than those proposed.  
It should be noted that the proposed fees will only affect non-domestic users regulated by the City’s Pretreatment Program. These fees cover the permitting and oversight of these users. Additionally, surcharges are proposed for industrial dischargers that exceed permitted limits for BOD & TSS. These fees and surcharges are not applicable to domestic, residential users.
Adoption of the Notice of Intention does not have any direct fiscal implication, however it does start the public review process required for proposed rate increases which have a substantial fiscal implication for the City.
Wastewater Notice of Intent
FY2018 Proposed Fee Schedule - Wastewater
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