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Meeting Date: 06/19/2017  
Recommended by: Paul Tice Prepared by: Larry Petersen, Civil Engineer
Finance Director Review: Celina Morris  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted:
Type of Action Requested: Ordinance

DSA-17-00046  Map of Dedication for thirty three (33) foot right of way (ROW) dedication for Ropers Road.
Staff recommends that the Mayor and City Council approve the ROW. Please refer to Exhibits A,B,C & D.
Ms. Myong S. Williams and Mr. Roy E. Dawson are proposing to construct a new double wide, ground set manufactured home for their residence at 3320 E. Ropers Road.  City Code Section 15.32.060A requires that a new development which creates an increase in traffic volume dedicate right of way.  In this case, the half street ROW of 33' along a portion of Ropers Road needs to be dedicated to the City to create the required 33' half street section and conform with the Small Area Transportation Study (SATS) Standard for a minor collector.

Please see attached Map of Dedication, Exhibit A, and Warranty Deed with Legal Description, Exhibit B, for an illustration and specific description of the area proposed for the dedication.  Exhibit C is the applicants Narrative. An aerial photo, Exhibit D, is provided to show the area of dedication.
The Map of Dedication will dedicate to the City of Casa Grande the necessary ROW for a minor collector with no immediate fiscal impact to the City.  However, future development along Ropers Road and subsequent ROW dedication will eventually lead to the City of Casa Grande developing Ropers Road to a minor collector status.
1. Approve the request and accept the dedication.
2.Deny the request and reject the dedication.
3. Table the request.
Ord. 3017
Exhibit A Map of Dedication
Exhibit B Warranty Deed
Exhibit C Narrative
Exhibit D - Aerial



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