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Meeting Date: 02/21/2017  
Recommended by: Kevin Louis Prepared by: Pedro Apodaca, Streets Supervisor
Finance Director Review: Celina Morris  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted: 01/17/2017
Type of Action Requested: Ordinance

Award Contracts for Pavement Preservation Program and CIP Pavement Preservation Projects

Staff recommends the Mayor and City Council award contracts for Pavement Preservation to each of the following Contractors: Cactus Asphalt of Tolleson, AZ, Southwest Slurry Seal, Inc. of Phoenix AZ and Earth Resources Corporation of Dewey AZ for multi-year contracts (1st initial year with 2 optional renewal years) to perform a variety of maintenance treatments to City streets.

In the past, the City’s Pavement Preservation Program has identified and projected annual projects for pavement preservation, then bid out these projects or utilized cooperative contracts to execute this work. Often the proposed projects must be modified/downsized based on these bid prices and/or the available budget. Utilizing this process prevents staff from reasonably and accurately projecting and executing projects in an efficient manner.
In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this program, staff intends to begin forecasting projects utilizing a more long-term basis. Having contracts in place which provide accurate and reliable pricing provides greater ability to do so, and provide more accurate forecasting. As these contracts were solicited by the City, this also ensures that the pricing provided is competitive and reasonable. The overall intent is to utilize these contracts in a manner similar to a job-order project.
As a further improvement to the execution of the City’s pavement program, staff intends to begin efforts to solicit input from Management, Council, and the public as early as possible in the process so that appropriate selection of areas to be treated are identified and appropriate means of treatment are also identified. Through evaluation of City data and this input process, the scope of individual projects can be determined, then executed utilizing these contracts without the need for further bidding and contracting.
To this end, Staff advertised a request for bids for various pavement preservation maintenance services; four (4) proposals were received response to this solicitation. The intent of this proposal was to issue Contracts to the lowest priced responsive and responsible bidder in each of five (5) pavement preservation categories: Asphalt Chip Seal; Microsurfacing; Slurry Seal Coat; Fog Seal Coat; Crack Sealing.
Based upon review of the proposals received, staff recommends awarding a contract to: Cactus Asphalt for the Asphalt Chip Seal Category; Southwest Slurry Seal Inc. for Microsurfacing, Slurry Seal Coat, and Crack Sealing categories; Earth Resources Corporation for the Fog Seal Coat category.
Staff intends to utilize these Contracts to execute the City’s Annual Pavement Preservation projects, as wells as any Capital Improvement Project (CIP) which may be suitable and require any of the above mentioned categories. One such project which staff intends to perform utilitzing these contracts is the Main/VIP project, as it has been downgraded to a cape-seal project; such work is covered under the scope of services of these contracts.
Staff is requesting spending authorization for these contracts not to exceed the amount budgeted annually for pavement preservation program projects, as well as monies budgeted for applicable Capital Improvement Projects.
This contract has been written to allow the City to exercise an option to renew the contract for two (2) additional one (1) year periods at prices and conditions stated within the contract.    


Funding in the amount of $1,800,000 is available under account number 201-21-201-100-8301-10000 Annual Pavement Preservation. $200,000 is allocated for striping of City streets and $100,000 for crack sealing material. Funding for Main/VIP project is available under account number 201-21-201-100-8301-17131 in an amount not to exceed $380,000.



Reject the proposals and Re-bid

O - Pavement Preservation Contracts
Bid Document
Bid Tabulation
Cactus Contract
Earth Resources Contract
Southwest Slurry Contract
Main/VIP Map
Micro Seal Map



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