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Meeting Date: 12/05/2019  
Submitted By: Jim Gagliardi, Planning & Development

Public hearing and consideration of a request by Richmond Homes for the following land use approvals for select lots within Tamaron Parcels C, D, and E, within the Tamaron Planned Area Development (PAD) zone:
  1. DSA-19-00130: Major PAD Amendment (PZ only)  to:
    1. Eliminate Item C under Section 2.2 “Additional Requirements for PAD Residential Architecture”, within the PAD guide which would remove the following requirements associated with the housing product /design review submittal: 
      1. One plan with a rear garage (far-recessed garage)
      2. More than one plan with a standard side-load garage.
  1. Correct a typographical error on Item 3 within 2.1-C “Mandatory Requirements for PAD Residential Architecture” within the PAD guide to read that “at least one floor plan per parcel or product type shall have the livable area of the home forward of the garage”.   Approved
  1. DSA-19-00121:  Housing Product consideration for seven floor plans ranging from 1,597 sq. ft. to 2262 sq. ft., to include three elevations per plan, 18 color schemes, and three front-yard landscape packages. (Planner James Gagliardi)  Approved with Conditions
Richmond American Homes acquired 85 lots within three parcels of Tamaron.  Since Tamaron is a Planned Area Development (PAD) zone, compliance with the 2003 Residential Design Standards for PADs is required (RDS).  Tamaron itself has more restrictive standards that the applicant is asking be amended so only the RDS apply.  The request, DSA-19-000130 involves this PAD amendment to remove these more restrictive requirements.  

The second request, DSA-19-00121, is the review of their submitted Housing Product application, which complies with the RDS.  

The staff report including embedded exhibits is found at Attachment 1.  Here you'll find the review of the two applications, their criteria, and excerpts of the PAD guide being amended and Housing Product.   
PAD Amendment DSA-19-00130:
Staff recommends the Commission approve the Major Amendment to the Tamaron PAD Zone (DSA-19-00130) for Richmond American Homes regarding architectural requirements for select lots within Parcels C, D, and E.   
Housing Product DSA-19-00121:
Staff recommends the Commission approve the Richmond American Homes Housing Product for select lots within Parcels, C, D, and E subject to the following conditions:
  1. No certificate of occupancy or final inspection that is equivalent to occupancy, can be granted for homes on lots requiring perimeter wall repair until the portion of the wall along that respective lot is restored to the Planning Director’s satisfaction. 
  1. Each site plan submitted for building permitting must indicate plan number, elevation, and color scheme number.
  2. The front yard landscape package requires installation within 30 days of homebuyer’s occupancy and maintained by the individual homeowner, thereon, in accordance with the landscape package. 
Attachment 1 - Staff Report with exhibits


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