City Council Regular Meeting - Includes Action Taken

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Meeting Date: 11/07/2016  
Recommended by: Kevin Louis Prepared by: Duane Eitel, Traffic Engineer
Finance Director Review: Celina Morris  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted: 10/14/2016
Type of Action Requested: Ordinance

Authorize an amendment to the City's contract with Schlesinger Consulting Engineering, PLLC to allow a change order for Construction Administration Services Associated with the Thornton Road Construction Project between Gila Bend Highway and Cottonwood Lane.
Staff Recommends the Mayor and City Council authorize an amendment with the City's contract with Schlesinger Consulting Engineering, PLLC(SCE) to allow for the expenditure of funds for a change order in an amount no to exceed $74,040 for Construction Administration Services.
Design services and construction documents for the reconstruction of Thornton Road from Gila Bend Highway to Cottonwood Lane were provided by SCE under existing City contract No. 914-1.  A contract for the construction of this project has been approved by Council and awarded.

In order to provide adequate oversight and inspection of the construction work, and to provide assistance in the administration of the contract, staff requests approval of additional funds for the design consultant to provide these services to augment efforts of City Staff.  These services would be provided via a change order to the existing contract for services.  Staff negotiated a reasonable scope and fee for this work; the estimate proposed by SCE for these services is for $61,700 and Staff requests a 20% contingent amount of $12,340 for a total amount not to exceed $74,040 for this change order.
The funding for this project comes from streets account, Phase 1 account number 403-21-201-100-8301-14006 which has a balance of $1,300,000 and Phase 2 account number 201-21-201-100-8301-16014 which has a  balance of $800,000 for a total of $2,100,000.  The construction contract is for $1,355,370 leaving a balance of $744,630.  After this change order of $74,040 there will be a balance of $670,590. 
Don't reconstruct Thornton Road.
Ord PW Schlesinger
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