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Meeting Date: 11/07/2016  
Recommended by: Paul Tice Prepared by: Joseph Horn, Planner
Finance Director Review: Celina Morris  
City Attorney Review: Brett Wallace  
Approved by: Larry Rains Date Submitted:
Type of Action Requested: Ordinance, Public Hearing


The applicant, Gino Tarantini, is requesting a Zone Change from I-1 (Garden & Light Industrial) and R-1a (Single Family Residential) to 1-2 (General Industrial) for property containing 105.76 acres.  Said property is located generally south of Cottonwood Lane, west of N. Lewis/Schultz St and east of Thornton Road (APN #’s 504-15-001G, 504-15-001H & 504-15-01J).  DSA-16-00038

The Planning Commission, on a unanimous vote, recommends that City Council approve the Zone Change request DSA-16-00038, from I-1 (Garden & Light Industrial) and R1a (Single Family Residential) to 1-2 (General Industrial) subject to the following Conditions of Record:

1.  That a minimum 30 foot landscaped setback containing 1 tree per 20 feet of street frontage be provided with the development of the parcels abutting Lewis Street.  The area of the Lewis/Schultz St. right of way west of the street curb line can be used in achieving this landscaped setback.
2.  That an 8' high block wall shall be required along western border of the 30' landscape area. Said wall shall be uniform in color and be staggered 3' (towards and away from landscape area) every 120 feet of length.
3.  Buildings, and associated equipment, located within 200 feet of the Cottonwood Lane, Lewis St. or Schultz St. right of ways shall be limited to a maximum building height of 35'.
4.  Uses within the I-2 Zone be limited those set forth in Exhibit D (see staff report).
5.  The maximum noise level standards shall comply with Exhibit E (see staff report).
6.  No access to the site will be permitted from Lewis St/Schultz St. (Except for required emergency access)
7.  All Conditions of Record shall be implemented at time of Major Site Plan review

Subsequent to the Planning Commission hearing planning staff has since added the following additional condition to further address the neighborhood compatibility issue concern expressed by certain council members:
1.  Truck delivery activity is prohibited between the hours of 8 pm – 6 am. This restriction is applicable to parking areas, drive aisles and loading dock facilities located within 200 feet of the Lewis Schultz Street right of way.
The zone change is consistent with the City’s General Plan.  The area is located within the City’s Manufacturing/Industry General Plan Land Use Designation and I-2 zoning is allowable within these zone districts.  By contrast, the current zoning of R-1a is not in compliance with the General Plan. 
The original submittal was modified to add a B-4 (Community Services Zone) along Cottonwood Lane as it is considered a major gateway for the city and would provide a more appropriate and aesthetically pleasing development standard.   The B-4 Zone Change was approved at the September 6th, 2016 City Council hearing. 
During the processing of this zone change application a meeting was held to receive neighborhood input. The neighborhood meeting raised the following concerns for the proposed industrial development:
            •         Noise
            •         Lighting
            •         Visual appearance of the industrial buildings
            •         Traffic on Lewis Street
            •         Reduced property values ability to re-sell homes
            •         Negative impact on quality of life

After evaluating the public input, city staff and the applicant developed specialized development standards in an attempt to mitigate potential negative impacts the future industrial development on the adjoining residential neighborhood.  Additionally, following the City Council hearing where the I-2 Zone Change was tabled, one additional standard in regards to truck delivery times was added by staff to further mitigate any adverse impact upon the Cottonwoods neighborhood.
None Identified
1.  Approve the Zone Change request with the recommended Conditions of Record.
2.  Refer the matter back to the Planning Commission
3.  Deny the Zone Change request.
4.  Table the matter. 
PZ O-Zone Change for 105.76 Acres at Cottonwood Lane and Lewis Street.doc
Legal Description
Conditions of Record
Staff Report
P&Z Minutes



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